Hear about some of the people Athletic Recovery Services has already helped!

"I have been involved in sports for over 40 years. In that time I have had numerous injuries some of which have lingering and lifelong effects on my body. Since starting CrossFit in July of 2015 some of those injuries have proven to limit my ability to perform certain movements. In working with Nick Habich, he has found numerous ways to either modify the movement to avoid further injuries or more importantly has found ways to help improve the range of motion, flexibility and strength of those areas. This has created a drastic change in my life. It’s given me confidence in my ability which helps me work harder and further my fitness journey. Nick's knowledge of the human body and its mechanics is such a huge asset. The best part of this is that it is truly his passion. He gets as much joy in seeing me progress as I do in the progression. I highly recommend his services."
-Curt R.


"Nick Habich is a huge part or my training. He has been very effective in taking care of me and my recovery. From sore shoulders to tight hips, Nick has provided the proper treatments from stretching to scraping, and even some compression with his Normatec system. Nick has the tools to a quick recovery whenever your body feels a bit broken. I highly recommend him and his treatment plans."
-Jon M.


"I can't say enough good things about how much Nick has helped me. I had an injured knee and had trouble doing everyday movements, much less Crossfit. Nick began by watching my movements, using his "scraping" on my knee and the adjacent muscles and ligaments, and then he would have me stand and reevaluate my movements, and would continue scraping if necessary. Then Nick did a Functional Movement Screen on me and gave me workouts to help improve my overall body movements. To say he is thorough would be an understatement! I will continue to seek his help in the future."
- Elisha G.


"I have been active in contact sports my whole life, and in doing so I have endured several serious injuries from ankles, knees and especially my back. After years of encountering these sports injuries I started limiting myself in my basic daily activities, because either the pain was too much or my mobility was so awful that I physically couldn’t do what I wanted. This all changed when Nick decided to make an example out of me, when he promised he could help me if I just tried his programming. I started Nick's programming one month before double hernia surgery and I lost 23 pounds along with major improvements to my mobility and flexibility. To say that starting Nick's programming was life changing would be an understatement. With Nick's help not only did he help me pre-surgery but also post-surgery where I was able to get back to normal daily actives much faster. I recommend Nick to everyone I talk to. Thank you Nick for taking the time with an old stubborn athlete like myself and changing my life for the better!!"
-Charlie T.
"Throughout my years of several different types of physical activity, I have accrued injuries to my back, knees, and left hip. Before I came to Nick, I was constantly struggling and stuck in this cycle of working out until I would get hurt again. I spent just a couple sessions with him before I realized he was the real deal. He was able to relieve pain in my back that many others had tried and failed to and taught me some mobility movements I could do between sessions that improved my daily life along with my workouts. Now, more than 6 months later, I am still healthy and breaking barriers that I didn’t think I’d ever get to break again. Nick is a life saver!"
-Stephen H.